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Better Due Diligence

In M&A, you’re on the clock. But kReveal lets you immediately find and assess the contracts that color your deal… Assignable? Obligations? Non-compete? Confidentiality? … so you can get the most favorable terms – even with 1000s of contracts in the mix.

Better Compliance

Whether its for an investigation, an audit, or you’re just proactive, kReveal can quickly show you which contracts contain regulated clauses and terms… and which don’t. Let kReveal triage your portfolio so you can optimize your contract compliance strategy.


Better Contract Management

Finally, you can jump start your new contract management system by letting kReveal automatically pre-profile all your contracts first. Choose the terms and clauses you want kReveal to extract from each contract, so you can pre-load your CMS with contracts plus details.

Full Service Project Management.

mini4 provides expert project managers to oversee single or multiple concurrent projects for clients.

Clients simply engage with mini4‘s full-service process to determine:

  • Objectives
  • Timeframe or deadlines
  • Desired clause & data analysis
  • Format of desired output to be produced

mini4‘s team brings together cutting-edge technology and workflow to execute the game-plan on the client’s behalf


Big Collections.

Every contract tells a story and kReveal teases them all out of your entire collection to highlight the trends you care about: your range of jurisdictions, license grants – inbound and outbound, anti-corruption risks, privacy protections, base salaries, non-competes, and more.



Using patented technology, kReveal achieves extraordinary precision in both recall (presence or absence of clauses) and recognition (finding the correct terms) by automatically deconstructing contracts and targeting sophisticated rules at only the most relevant text.



Whether your project involves 1,000 or 100,000 contracts, kReveal analyzes each document in seconds, using its multi-processor cluster to work in parallel, analyzing clauses and extracting terms – to your specifications – across the entire portfolio.

A little bit about our company...

Our Mission:


• kReveal turns contract data into a business asset by connecting it to key business processes.


• We inform companies about everything inside their contracts by performing full-service, legacy contract analysis that is accurate and fast.


Our Story

kReveal is a full-service contract analysis provider that has been created at the intersection of two exceptional legal technology companies, KMStandards and Unabridged Technology. The teams at both firms share an irrepressible attraction to solving the most difficult applications of technology to the modern practice of law. kReveal combines the unique contract analytics innovations pioneered by KMStandards and the distinctive ability to adapt technology for the commercial legal market perfected by Unabridged Technology, an offshoot of the well-respected, twenty year-old product incubator at Bridgeway Software.

What we offer

We all know contracts can get convoluted. Especially when you have a lot of them. Our team takes the burden off of law firms and legal counsel by picking up the grunt work of scanning, reading, analyzing and compiling reports. You define the questions, we provide the solutions. We provide this full-service contract analysis so that your team can focus on more important things than for example, learning a completely new software system.

What does this mean for you?

We work directly with you to determine your needs/search criteria. We then run your contracts through our cutting-edge analytics system, have our experts review the results and then provide you with a thorough and accurate report based on the criteria that you created. Oh, and we do this at the rate of more than 100 contracts per minute. Impressed? We hope so. Our goal is to make our clients lives easier by taking the tediousness out of contract analysis.

Sit back and relax knowing your contracts are in the hands of experts.

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What are the benefits?

  • Reduces time, cost, uncertainty and risk
  • Uses proprietary technology to automate high-volume, legacy contract portfolio review

Your Project

Management Team

Workflow Process

This is how it works...But you don't have to worry about all the details. That's what we are here for.

Cutting-Edge Technology

logo26ptfont’s client dashboard gives an important window into the work in progress as each project is carried out, ensuring that throughout the process everyone stays on the same page.

The information can be delivered as a report or exported to third party platforms (such as a contract management system or data analysis tool). Further, the engine is designed to handle large volumes of contracts by using multi-threaded processing. As a result, the benefits are extensive.

Meet the team.

Blane Erwin

The Director

One thing you might not know about Blane Erwin is that his favorite meal is breakfast for dinner. Another thing you might not know is that Erwin and his long-time coach, Pat O’Donnell, designed a complete software product on a drive from Houston to Austin that has generated $4M to date—it’s only a 2.5 hour drive…Read more…

Kingsley Martin

The Visionary

Kingsley Martin has been at the forefront of technology innovation for the legal practice. He brings together more than 30 years of experience in the practice of law, software design and development, strategy and management. An avid cyclist, Thai food lover and smitten husband, Martin prides himself in being able to think outside the box…Read more…

Pat O'Donnell

The Coach

Pat O’Donnell, master innovator, started the legal software company Bridgeway Software 25 years ago. Even more than developing the most recommended legal software in the industry, O’Donnell is most proud of the company culture he helped create, one of caring for employees and clients… Read more…

Steve Gullion

The Architect

Gullion wakes up every morning at 6:00am to his beloved welsh corgis demanding breakfast. A lover of any gadget he can talk to, a dedicated collector of Simpsons episodes and a money clip collector, Steve Gullion brings the unique perspective of being a former lawyer to the legal software development world. Over twenty years ago, Gullion stopped practicing law to follow his true passion: writing code…Read more…

Alex Hoover

The Curator

Alex Hoover is a rare breed. A lawyer and a gifted creator of great technology experiences, he has a natural ability to blend the art of contract language with the science of software design. As a principal at kReveal, Hoover leads the creative development of our customer experience, product mock-ups, and workflow design…Read more…

Jon E. Klemens

The Believer

One thing you might not know about Jon Klemens is his strong affinity for his wife’s carrot cake. Klemens is President and Chief Operating Officer of First Renaissance Ventures, an investment advisory and corporate development services firm with offices in Radnor, Pennsylvania…Read more…

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