Kingsley Martin

The Visionary

Kingsley Martin has been at the forefront of technology innovation for the legal practice. He brings together more than 30 years of experience in the practice of law, software design and development, strategy and management.

An avid cyclist, Thai food lover and smitten husband, Martin prides himself in being able to think outside the box. In 2012, Kingsley was recognized by the American Bar Association as a Legal Rebel. In 2013, he was honored as one of the Fastcase 50; an Innovator by Law Technology News; and a National Law Journal Trailblazer and Pioneer. Kingsley also has law degrees from Oxford University and Harvard Law School.

A man of many avocations including traveling, hiking and sailing, anyone would be hard pressed to find this great entrepreneur sitting still. Even in the pre-Internet era, Martin developed some of the first document assembly systems, taught himself the C computer language and automated his tax practice. Later, Kingsley was one of the leading innovators in developing the theory and practice of knowledge management. But one of his career accomplishments he is most proud of is ContractStandards—a meticulously crafted framework to curate over 1,000 clauses (and counting) for easy reuse across contracts by organizing agreements in a structured, logical taxonomy.

Since conceiving the product category of contract analytics nearly a decade ago, Martin has founded KMStandards LLC, formerly known as KIIAC, and developed software for automatically analyzing legal agreements and creating contract standards. Most recently, Kingsley has repurposed his unique technology vision and turned it toward kReveal and the extraction of information from large collections of legacy contracts – his English sensibilities once again hard at work.