Pat O'Donnell

The Coach

Pat O’Donnell, master innovator, started the legal software company Bridgeway Software 25 years ago. Even more than developing the most recommended legal software in the industry, O’Donnell is most proud of the company culture he helped create, one of caring for employees and clients. Having recently sold Bridgeway, O’Donnell has embarked on a new venture, Unabridged Technology, a company whose mission is to invest in legal technology companies and provide an incubator environment to help them grow.

A spiritual man by nature, Pat spends the first part of each morning reflecting on how to live a better life. One of the ways in which O’Donnell gives back to the community is by coaching the leadership team at Plant it Forward Farms, a Houston-based non-profit that helps refugees grow their own urban farm businesses—its vision is to have a farm in every neighborhood. ( He also has an active mentoring role in the Prison Entrepreneurship Program. (

O’Donnell has been involved in software development and management for nearly three decades, the last 16 years primarily marketing to corporate legal departments. He previously managed groups focused on artificial intelligence and rapid application development for a Fortune 500 firm. O’Donnell holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics from Rice University.

O’Donnell is married to his high school sweetheart, has three amazing grown children and two (almost perfect) grandsons. Also an avid traveler, O’Donnell truly appreciates a good pair of walking shoes, Google maps and his trusted baseball hat. As a proud Houston native, O’Donnell’s favorite food is Texas BBQ—and rumor has it he makes a brisket so tasty that even the most avid vegetarian can’t resist. A charismatic leader by nature, O’Donnell attracts exceptional people into his life and together these teams forge new and exciting opportunities that you won’t want to miss.